Divine Mercy weekend with Father John Randall

Update: Fr. John Randall died on Wednesday June 15, 2011 but you still may be able to obtain a copy of his DVD talk on Divine Mercy which was recorded on March 29, 2008.

Video of Divine Mercy Weekend, with Father John Randall at The National Shrine Of Our Lady of LaSalette
947 Park Street, Attelboro, MA 02703 -March 29-30, 2008.
Tel. 508-222-5410

To obtain a DVD copy of this event call (508) 236-9068
I highly recommend this beautiful video. An injured and suffering Fr. Randall gives a powerful talk on how we need Our Lord's Divine Mercy.

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Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Father Randall is the author of:

In God's Providence - The Birth of a Catholic Charismatic Parish
The Book of Revelation: What Does It Really Say?
Wisdom Instructs Her Children: The Power of the Spirit and the Word
Mary, Barrier or Bridge?
Pope John Paul Scriptural Rosary (20 decades)
Spiritual Warfare, The Twenty-First Decade
***Fr. Randall's New Book,- No Spirit, No Church,- is now available at all Catholic Book Stores in Rhode Island.
You can write to Fr. John Randall Ministry, at PO Box 114006, North Providence, Rhode Island 02911