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The Virgin Mary appears!!! (Seven minutes into video) I have visited Medjugorje in 1991 & 1993. This place completely changed my life for the better. As a result, I embrace the Catholic faith with much love and conviction. I witnessed several things at this site. The spinning sun was daily and throughout the entire day, rosaries changing into gold, but the most impressive thing I experienced was the “ultimate love” that penetrated (I know this sounds odd) into every cell of my body, a love beyond comprehension, a love I have yet to experience from anyone in my life.
One person emailed a diatribe in an attempt to condemn Medjugorje. Such an email deserves a response, one with facts, one that provides info regarding the Vatican’s ongoing investigations, one with sound reason, one with faith, one that requires an open mind and heart. Fact: The Vatican, more specifically, JPII, for the ‘first time in church history’ removed the authority of the local Bishop to suggest any final pronouncements in favor or condemnation of Medjugorje. The local Bishop retains all other faculties with this one exception. The local Bishop(s) of Medjugorje never extended an invitation for the Holy See, the Supreme Pontiff, to visit Medjugorje in all of JPII’s 27 years as Pope.
The devil is alive and well. There are many postings that mislead the reader. Instead of the conflicts, and propaganda, people ought to focus on the realities of Medjugorje. More notable, the millions of conversions, and countless people returning to the faith, and numerous investigations of miraculous healings i.e. deaf, blind, lame, cancer, aids etc. I do not know how the devil would benefit from such conversions. Oh yes, the church ‘does’ approve pilgrimages. The prized site will soon be the most important Marian site on planet earth. To date, Medjugorje is the 2nd most visited Marian apparition site in church history. I respect the office of the Bishop. God appointed him as such, and for a reason. God has a plan for everyone. The current Bishop of Medjugorje does not believe in Fatima or Lourdes. No doubt he rejects his own place of interest. Working at a Diocese, I learned much about people’s personalities, attitudes, behaviors, differences of opinions, and everyday activities within an organization. Bishops are people too. We are blessed to have one of the most orthodox Bishops in America. Bishops are men, they are not infallible. What makes a Bishop? Answer, it is a priest promoted and there is no special “Bishop school” to attend. They are handpicked by the nuncio. The Bishop in Pueblo has visited Medjugorje and BELIEVES in it firmly! It is estimated, over 40,000 priests and 2000 Bishops have visited Medjugorje in the last 31 years. No small task, for something that is considered, by some, as just ‘ordinary’. Big Fact #2: The church has never condemned Medjugorje! The Mother of God once stated, what she first started in Fatima (in 1917) she will end in Medjugorje. What an interesting comment considering widespread apostasy in our modern society. Fruits: The lines of confessions are rather long in Medjugorje. This is a norm in Medjugorje. However, much of the world has almost forgotten this Sacrament. Recall what Jesus said, “You shall know them by their fruits.” People are returning to the church in record numbers in Medjugorje – like no other place on earth! In 1991, I waited in line literally eight hours, yes, 8 hours. There is an overwhelming amount of graces given to those who embrace Our Lady, Queen Peace in Medjugorje. In 1982, a message was given at Medjugorje to one of the seers. The BVM stated The Church would undertake a great trial. The devil was given extra power and permission to enter it for a period of 1 century. Sounds like the ecstasy of Pope Leo XIII? Personally, I think the 100 year influence started in 1917 AD, not in the year 1900AD or 1901AD, the beginning of the 20th Century. Our modern society strives to ‘get it quick’, we are a society comprised of non-thinkers, a society, for the most part, that does not pray. The Blessed Virgin Mary stresses praying, fasting, converting, attend daily mass, and to recite the rosary. If it takes 30+ years to complete the work of Our Lady — so be it. Avoid embracing a Burger King mentality, “This place has tested my threshold of patience….I have decided to omit these seers due to their longevity”. Wow, what if Our Lord took the same approach to each one of us? The more things change the more they remain the same. Medjugorje is by far, the most vital Marian site on planet earth. I anticipate the devil, the father of lies, the great deceiver, to continue his work in keeping people from listening and acting upon the messages of Medjugorje, messages that only mirror the Gospel. I suggest embracing truth, pray, virtue, Sacraments, and to live out Our Lady’s messages of Medjugorje. God love ya.   Mystic Post


17 Things Jesus Revealed to St. Faustina About Divine Mercy

Blogs |  Apr. 2, 2016
17 Things Jesus Revealed to St. Faustina About Divine Mercy

As a person, as a country, as a world, do we not need God’s mercy more and more in these times? For the sake of our souls, can we afford not to listen to what Jesus told us through St. Faustina about his mercy and what our response to is should be?
Benedict told us “It is a really central message for our time: Mercy as the force of God, as the divine limit against the evil of the world.”
Let’s remind ourselves right now. Or learn the highlights for the first time. Divine Mercy Sunday is the perfect day to start listening to what Jesus himself tells us:

(1) I desire that the Feast of Mercy be a refuge and shelter for all souls, and especially for poor sinners. On that day the very depths of My tender mercy are open. I pour out a whole ocean of graces upon those souls who approach the fount of My mercy. The soul that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment. On that day all the divine floodgates through which grace flow are opened. Let no soul fear to draw near to Me, even though its sins be as scarlet. Diary 699 [Note: confession does not have to be done on the Sunday itself. Beforehand is fine]

(2) Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My Mercy. —St. Faustina’s Diary 300

(3) Let all mankind recognize My unfathomable mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the day of justice. Diary 848

(4) He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice... Diary 1146

(5) Souls perish in spite of My bitter Passion. I am giving them the last hope of salvation; that is, the Feast of My Mercy. If they will not adore My mercy, they will perish for all eternity. Diary 965

(6) My Heart overflows with great mercy for souls, and especially for poor sinners. If only they could understand that I am the best of Fathers to them and that it is for them that the Blood and Water flowed from My Heart as from a fount overflowing with mercy. Diary 367

(7) These rays shield souls from the wrath of My Father. Happy is the one who will dwell in their shelter, for the just hand of God shall not lay hold of him. I desire that the first Sunday after Easter be the Feast of Mercy. Diary 299

(8) My daughter, write that the greater the misery of a soul, the greater its right to My mercy; [urge] all souls to trust in the unfathomable abyss of My mercy, because I want to save them all. Diary 1182

(9) The greater the sinner, the greater the right he has to My mercy. My mercy is confirmed in every work of My hands. He who trusts in My mercy will not perish, for all his affairs are Mine, and his enemies will be shattered at the base of My footstool. Diary 723

(10) [Let] the greatest sinners place their trust in My mercy. They have the right before others to trust in the abyss of My mercy. My daughter, write about My mercy towards tormented souls. Souls that make an appeal to My mercy delight Me. To such souls I grant even more graces than they ask. I cannot punish even the greatest sinner if he makes an appeal to My compassion, but on the contrary, I justify him in My unfathomable and inscrutable mercy. Diary 1146

(11) I want to grant a complete pardon to the souls that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion on the Feast of My mercy. Diary 1109

(12) I desire trust from My creatures. Encourage souls to place great trust in My fathomless mercy. Let the weak, sinful soul have no fear to approach Me, for even if it had more sins than there are grains of sand in the world, all would be drowned in the unmeasurable depths of My mercy. Diary 1059

(13) I demand the worship of My mercy through the solemn celebration of the Feast and through the veneration of the image which is painted. By means of this image I shall grant many graces to souls. It is to be a reminder of the demands of My mercy, because even the strongest faith is of no avail without works. Diary 742

(14) Tell [all people], My daughter, that I am Love and Mercy itself. When a soul approaches Me with trust, I fill it with such an abundance of graces that it cannot contain them within itself, but radiates them to other souls. Jesus, Diary 1074

(15) I am offering people a vessel with which they are to keep coming for graces to the fountain of mercy. That vessel is this image with the signature: "Jesus, I trust in You." Diary 327

(16) I promise that the soul that will venerate this image will not perish. I also promise victory over [its] enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I Myself will defend it as My own glory. Jesus, Diary 48

(17) Souls who spread the honor of My mercy I shield through their entire lives as a tender mother her infant, and at the hour of death I will not be a Judge for them, but the Merciful Savior. At that last hour, a soul has nothing with which to defend itself except My mercy. Happy is the soul that during its lifetime immersed itself in the Fountain of Mercy, because justice will have no hold on it. Diary 1075


Medjugorje: Mirjana encounters Our Lady--Nov: 2, 2018

Mirjana encounters Our Lady, Nov. 2, 2018

(c) Anthony Zubac

November 2, 2018
Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed (All Soul's Day)
Dear Family of Mary!

Here is the November 2, 2018 message from Our Lady: 

Dear children! My motherly heart suffers as I am looking at my children who do not love the truth, those who are hiding it-as I look at my children who do not pray with their feelings and actions. I am sad as I am saying to my Son that many of my children no longer have faith, that they do not know Him-my Son.

That is why I call you, apostles of my love: you strive to look to the very depth in human hearts and there you are certain to find the little hidden treasure. To look in this way is mercy from the Heavenly Father. To seek the good even where there is the greatest evil-to strive to comprehend each other and not to judge-that is what my Son is asking of you. And I, as a mother, am calling you to listen to Him.

My children, the spirit is mightier than the flesh, and, carried by love and actions, it overcomes all obstacles. Do not forget: my Son has loved you and loves you. His love is with you and in you when you are one with Him. He is the light of the world and no one and nothing will be able to stop Him in the final glory.

Therefore, apostles of my love, do not be afraid to witness the truth. Witness it with enthusiasm, with works, with love, with your sacrifice, and, above all, in humility. Witness the truth to all those who have not come to know my Son. I will be alongside you. I will encourage you.

Witness the love which never ends because it comes from the Heavenly Father who is eternal and who offers eternity to all of my children. The Spirit of my Son will be alongside you.
  Anew I am calling you, my children: pray for your shepherds, pray that the love of my Son may lead them. Thank you.

  VIDEO of Apparition  https://marytv.tv/mirjanas-apparition/

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
Mary TV 2018


Medjugorje - Our Lady's Message of October 25, 2018:


The Future Generations at the Youth Festival in Medjugorje!
(c)Mateo Ivankovic

October 25, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

Our Lady's Message of October 25, 2018:  
"Dear children! You have a great grace of being called to a new life through the messages which I am giving you. This, little children, is a time of grace, a time and a call to conversion for you and the future generations. Therefore, I am calling you, little children, pray more and open your heart to my Son Jesus. I am with you and love you all and bless you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call."

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
Mary TV


Pope John Paul II’s Warning on ‘Final Confrontation

John Paul II’s Warning on ‘Final Confrontation’ With the ‘Anti-Church’
Paul Kengor
COMMENTARY: It seems more likely now that we are indeed facing, as Cardinal Karol Wojtyla said in 1976, the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through.

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Dear Family of Mary

(c)Anthony Zubac

October 19, 2018
At the Blue Cross in Medjugorje
Dear Family of Mary,

 (Friday, October 19, 2018) Ivan's prayer group met at the Blue Cross for prayer. Our Lady came at approximately 9:00 pm Medjugorje time. Ivan shared his encounter with Our Lady after the apparition. Here is the translation of his comments:

Like every day after meeting together with Our Lady I would like to draw closer to all of you the greatest part of tonight's meeting. Also today Our Lady came to us joyful and happy and Our Lady greeted all of us with her motherly greeting, "Praised be Jesus, my dear children."
After, for a while with her arms extended, she prayed over all of us here. Especially she prayed over those of you who are present who are sick. Then for a while Our Lady turned to all of us and addressed us:

"Dear children. Also today in a special way I desire to call you to accept with love the will of God. Especially I call you to pray for the sick, that they may accept their cross, and that God may be able to be glorified through them. The Mother prays for all of you, dear children. And for all of you presents you to her Son. Thank you for also tonight responding to my call."

After that Our Lady blessed all of us with her Motherly Blessing. She blessed everything that you brought to be blessed. Then I recommended all of you, your needs, your intentions, your families, and in a special way, the sick.
After that Our Lady continued to pray for a while over all of us. And in that prayer she left in the illuminated Sign of the Cross, with the words, "Go in peace, my dear children." 
(This is an approximate translation.)
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
Mary TV 2018


Sister Anne Sophie Meaney formed (The Society of the Body of Christ) to care for unwanted babies, abandoned elders — and others around Corpus Christi, Texas, considered "human inconveniences" by society at-large. 

 Sister Anne Sophie
The Society of the Body of Christ
234 Rossiter Street
Corpus Christi
TX 78411
Tel. (361) 814-7685
Sister Anne Sophie from Juan Manuel Cotelo on Vimeo.


Ivan's Prayer Group at the Blue Cross

Ivan's prayer group at the Blue Cross (Oct. 5, 2018)
Thanks to Steve D!!!

October 5, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

Ivan shared his encounter with Our Lady, occurring at 10pm (October 5) at the Blue Cross in Medjugorje.  Here is what he shared:

Our Lady spoke:

"My children,  also today in a special way I desire to call you in this time of grace to complete surrender to my Son. Open yourselves to Him, open your hearts  that you may be able to receive grace. I intercede for all of you before my Son.  Dear children, pray, pray, pray.  And open yourselves in prayer.  Thank you also today for having responded to my call."

Our Lady came to us also today very joyful and happy. As always she greeted all of us with her motherly greeting, "Praised be Jesus, my dear children."  For a while she prayed over all of us here with her arms extended.  She blessed all of us with her motherly blessing.

She blessed everything that you brought to be blessed. And after that she prayed for peace - for peace in the family.  And then after that she left in the illuminated sign of the Cross with the words "Go in peace, my dear children." 

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
(c)Mary TV 2018


Pastor Installation

Father Edward A. Sousa, Jr.

Father Edward Sousa was installed as the new pastor at the St. Joseph Church, Hope Street on the East Side of Providence on Sunday, Sept. 30. Auxiliary Bishop Robert C. Evans presided at the installation Mass. In his homily, Bishop Evans asked parishioners to work with Father Sousa and support him in his ministry so he can be “that good and faithful steward.” At the end of the Mass, Father Sousa briefly spoke. “I’m proud to be your pastor,” Father Sousa said.

Papal envoy compares Medjugorje to Lourdes, Fatima


There is no such thing as coincidence

As a priest, you realize there is no such thing as coincidence

God had sent me to this Mass to speak to this daughter of his who had such a great need for him.
I had woken up content and looking forward to celebrating Mass in the parish. I sprang from bed, eager to get ready and to arrive early for my appointment with Our Lord and his people.
Mass went beautifully.
At the end, some women approached me, “Father, could you hear our confessions?”
I said yes — there were only three of them — but after I’d finished hearing the confessions of the first three women, I saw more people had gotten in line, and then more and more … until three hours had passed. I was hungry, thirsty and ready for a break.
I started to head back to the seminary, content with the morning’s ministry, when another woman approached me. “You’re a priest, right? My father died yesterday and they are going to bury him today, but I haven’t been able to find a priest.”
The prayer that came to my mind was, “Lord, I see that you want me to work in your name today! I just ask that you give some peace to my stomach!”
I celebrated a Mass of Christian burial for the woman’s dad, and decided to take a taxi back to my house and finally get some breakfast, and perhaps even lie down for a bit. Though you might not realize it, celebrating two Masses and hearing three hours of confessions on an empty stomach isn’t that easy.
So with an almost childlike excitement, I readied to dig into my sandwich … and as if the world was suddenly in slow motion, a brother arrived to tell me: “They are looking for you. Father. The parish priest got sick and there’s no-one to celebrate the 1 p.m. Mass …”
My human frailty immediately began to protest and my thoughts turned in complaint to God. “But, Lord, you know that I haven’t even had breakfast! I’ll go, but afterward, give me a break … or better yet, send another priest!”
God never ceases to amaze me, because just as I finished complaining to him, I clearly felt his response: “On the day of your ordination, you told me that you offered yourself completely to me and to my people.
“Besides, go to this Mass. I have a surprise for you.”
I gobbled down my sandwich and went to celebrate another Mass, feeling, quite frankly, angry.
I went out of a sense of obligation and not because I felt any desire to go.
But as I entered the sacristy to vest, my anger started to calm down. A couple approached me and said, “Father, our daughter tried to kill herself a month ago and we have convinced her to come with us to Mass today. Please include her in your intentions.”
This must have been the surprise: God had sent me to this Mass to speak to this daughter of his who had such a great need for him. As a priest, you realize that there is no such thing as a coincidence. God himself directs our paths.
It was a marvelous moment of Providence because the Gospel of the day was just what the girl needed: “Come to meall you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.”
As I celebrated the Mass, I was convinced that it was God who had placed me there — before beginning, I had prayed before the tabernacle, asking him to speak through me. I “reminded” him that I hadn’t had breakfast, and that I was a little angry …
And the Mass was overflowing with grace. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was Jesus himself who guided it. He was the one speaking while I gave the homily. They were his words — even today I can’t describe what happened — his words were words of comfort, of caresses, of fortitude, of encouragement.
After Mass had ended, the couple approached me again, this time with their daughter. She was crying and embraced me. “Father, I so desperately needed to hear everything you said. I need God’s help so much. I have distanced myself from him. Now I just want to place myself before him, and ask him to love me and to help me go forward …”
When this young woman embraced me, I felt God’s whisper: “I needed you in this Eucharist. This is why I had you come …”
I love Our Lord — how he finds his ways to get where people need him. This young woman who tried to kill herself is now a regular at the 1 p.m. Mass. God has changed her life.
And since that day, any time that I feel tired or angry because of the excess of work, I think, “Get going. Go to Mass and live it as if it were your first and last Mass. God needs you.”
And it seems that God answers me, “Be at peace. Go. I celebrate Mass in your place. Only lend me your hands and your mouth …”
Say a prayer today for the priest of your parish. Undoubtedly, he’s also gone to celebrate a Mass or two without having had breakfast, and even feeling a little angry …


Friday, October 5 on the feast of St. Faustina Kowalska,

Holy Mass in Surmanci on the Feast of St. Faustina

On Friday, October 5 on the feast of St. Faustina Kowalska, Holy Mass will be celebrated in the church at 8 am.
Church of Divine Mercy is located in Surmanci, just along river Neretva, and each first Sunday after Easter there celebration of the Feast of Divine Mercy, while the blessing of this church built in 2002. It was one prayer group from Trento that gave to Medjugorje the icon of the Merciful Jesus, icon full of significance, since the miraculous healing that happened before this icon was one of the proofs used in the beatification of Sr. Faustina Kowalska and recognition of Devotion to the Divine Mercy, as well as institution of this Feast on the first Sunday after the Easter. This icon was in the chapel in Surmanci for the first few years and later on it was moved to this newly built church, devoted to Divine Mercy. Once faithful from all over the world discovered this place, they all began to come and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet before this famous icon.


Medjugorje: The October 2nd, 2018 message from Our Lady

(c)Anthony Zubac

October 2, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

The October 2nd, 2018 from Our Lady

Dear children, I am calling you to be courageous and to not grow weary, because even the smallest good-the smallest sign of love-conquers evil which is all the more visible. My children, listen to me so that good may overcome, so that you may come to know the love of my Son. This is the greatest happiness-the hands of my Son that embrace, of Him who loves the soul, of Him who has given Himself for you and is always giving Himself anew in the Eucharist, of Him who has the words of eternal life. To come to know His love, to follow in His footsteps, means to have a wealth of spirituality. This is the wealth which gives good feelings and sees love and goodness everywhere.

Apostles of my love, my children, be like the rays of the sun which with the warmth of my Son's love warm everyone around them. My children, the world needs apostles of love; the world needs much prayer, but prayer spoken with the heart and the soul and not only pronounced with the lips. My children, long for holiness but in humility, in the humility which permits my Son to do that which He desires through you.

My children, your prayers, your words, thoughts and actions-all of this either opens or closes the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven for you. My Son showed you the way and gave you hope, and I am consoling and encouraging you because, my children, I had come to know pain, but I had faith and hope. Now I have the reward of life in the Kingdom of my Son. Therefore, listen to me, have courage and do not grow weary.
Thank you.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
Mary TV


Medjugorje: September 25, 2018 message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace:

"Dear children! Also nature extends signs of its love to you through the fruits which it gives you. Also, you, by my coming, have received an abundance of gifts and fruits. Little children, how much you have answered to my call, God knows. I am calling you - it is not late - decide for holiness and a life with God, in grace and in peace. God will bless you and give to you a hundred-fold, if you trust in Him. Thank you for having responded to my call."


Plans to expand Medjugorje

Apostolic visitor outlines plans to expand Medjugorje

Archbishop Hoser described the shrine as 'Europe's spiritual lungs' and said more infrastructure was needed
The Polish archbishop tasked with overseeing Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Medjugorje shrine has outlined plans for expansion, including more Masses in different languages and facilities for young pilgrims who flock to the site of the alleged Marian apparitions.
“Medjugorje represents Europe’s spiritual lungs, a place where millions discover God and the beauties of the Church,” said Archbishop Henryk Hoser, retired archbishop of Warsaw-Praga.
“We now have to re-create its infrastructure, firstly by securing its liturgical space. We also need to expand its areas for retreats and provide new places for celebrating the Eucharist, especially for pilgrims,” he said.
In May, Pope Francis appointed Archbishop Hoser apostolic visitor to Medjugorje, where six young people claimed in 1981 that Mary had appeared to them.
Many people see “only the sociological side of the Church, which is also the face of sinners,” and fail to comprehend its religious mission, the archbishop said at a new Catholic youth centre in Warsaw.
“We all bear responsibility for the Church – we’re all called to be apostles, evangelisers and teachers, according to the gifts we’ve obtained from God,” he said.
“Apart from the youthful saints who are sprinters, there are also long-distance runners who move slowly, maturing over long years but also reaching the goal of great sanctity,” he said.
In July, Archbishop Hoser said he hopes more priests will come to provide sacraments and catechesis training at Medjugorje, according to Poland’s Catholic Information Agency, KAI.
With rising numbers of mostly young pilgrims and visitors, people wait in very long lines and, in summer, temperatures of over 100 degrees at the shrine’s 50 confessionals, he said. Roofing is also needed for Medjugorje’s main esplanade, as well as better facilities for conferences and charitable work.
Many groups come from countries in Western Europe, “where the Church has atrophied” and are “suddenly experiencing God’s grace,” Archbishop Hoser said.
“What’s also remarkable is there are now networks in many countries of pilgrims who’ve been to Medjugorje, who are organising, meeting, praying together and engaging in concrete activity for their local community and Church,” he said.
Over 40,000 apparitions have been claimed since 1981 at Medjugorje.
Diocesan commissions studied the alleged apparitions in 1982-1984 and again in 1984-1986, and the then-Yugoslavian bishops’ conference studied them from 1987 to 1990. All three commissions concluded that they could not affirm that a supernatural event was occurring in the town.
The report of a papal commission set up in 2010 to study the alleged apparitions has not been made public, but some of its points were revealed after Pope Francis spoke about the commission’s work.
Pope Francis acknowledged that pilgrims to the Marian site deserve spiritual care and support, but he also expressed doubts about claims of the continuing apparitions of Mary in Medjugorje.    Catholic Herald


Prayer to Saint Joseph

O GLORIOUS St. Joseph, thou who hast power to render possible even things which are considered impossible, come to our aid in our present trouble and distress. Take this important and difficult affair under thy particular protection, that it may end happily. (Name your request.)

O dear St. Joseph, all our confidence is in thee. Let it not be said that we would invoke thee in vain; and since thou art so powerful with Jesus and Mary. Show that thy goodness equals thy power. Amen, St. Joseph, friend of the Sacred Heart, pray for us.

Featured article from September's Spirit of Medjugorje

Vicka on Our Lady's Mission in Dublin
By Fr. Ronan Murphy
      In 1991, before entering seminary, I felt the call to go to Medjugorje, the first of many such visitations there, especially as a priest. 
     In 1992, whilst returning from the International Cenacle of the Marian Movement of Priests in San Marino, I was collecting my luggage in Dublin Airport, Ireland. The airport, I remember, was packed with people especially with foreign students who had just arrived in the country in order to spend the summer months learning the English language. I distinctly remember whilst waiting for my luggage to come out, saying to Our Lady in the silent recess of my heart, "Mother, are you pleased with the Cenacle I have just made?" At that moment, and the only way to describe it, everyone in the airport disappeared before my very eyes.
Fr. Ronan Murphy in Medjugorje in 2016
Fr. Ronan Murphy in Medjugorje in 2016
And I found myself alone with a young woman in front of me, smiling radiantly at me. The feeling I experienced was one of peace. Just then I heard a sweet voice interiorly which I believe was the voice of the Blessed Mother say, "My Child, I am very happy with the Cenacle you have made and all the graces I have obtained for you". Simultaneous to the voice, I became aware of the identity of the young woman being Vicka, the visionary from Medjugorje, whom I had seen during my first visit there in 1991. I spoke once again to Our Lady interiorly, saying, "Mother do you want me to speak to her?" And the sweet voice once again replied, "No, this is my confirmation to you, a confirmation of Medjugorje and my Marian Movement of Priests". At that, Vicka disappeared from before me and all present in the airport appeared once again, as if I came out of an altered state and back to reality. I thank Our Lady for gracing me with this spiritual or mystical experience, confirming me to the authenticity of Medjugorje and the Marian Movement of Priests and with other such experiences which have assisted me in my vocation to and in the priesthood. Ad Jesus per Miriam. 
     Editor's note: When Fr. Murphy sent us his story, he added, "I am a priest of the Camden Diocese, NJ., ordained May 13th, 2000, on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament." He is originally from Dublin.


Holy Spirit be my Light

Consecration to the Holy Spirit
"Holy Spirit, love of the Father and the Son, receive the consecration of my entire being. Transform me by Mary, with Mary and in Mary into another Christ Jesus. Under the protection of St. Michael the Archangel, I abandon myself without reservation to your divine operations. Be my light in this time of darkness, be my strength at this time when the demon comes to weaken us, and be our guide to help us in our fight against the forces of evil. Inspire me with what I must do for the glory of the Father, for my own sanctification and the salvation of the world. Amen!"


Medjugorje - Veneration HQ

Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Medjugorje,

Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio Henryk Hoser, S.A.C. the Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Medjugorje, September 9, 2018

Your Excellency, Mons. Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Your Excellency, Bishop from Paraguay,
Dear priests and religious,
Dear parishioners and pilgrims, dear brothers and sisters, 
One day after the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we gathered for the 23rd Sunday in the Year, so as to celebrate the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, just a few days before its feast.
How come that the Cross - the instrument of the cruellest and most shameful death, became the symbol of the Christianity? This cross is exalted on the towers of the churches and shrines, it has been erected at the tops of so many hills, it is hanging at the walls of our homes and working places and we put it around our necks proudly.


Healing Miracles Book: Full of Grace

In her compelling debut book, Full of Grace: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Conversion through Mary's Intercession. Christine Watkins tells her dramatic story of a miraculous healing, along with the stories of five others: • a nightclub stripper • a Nobel Peace Prize nominee • a homeless drug addict • a lonely youth • a cocaine abuser All of these people share one thing in common: a visit to Medjugorje, where the Virgin Mary is appearing in our lifetime, played a pivotal role in their faith journeys. The book is a must-read, page turner that is changing lives, bringing people back to faith, and getting fantastic reviews-- Wayne Weible, author of Medjugorje the Message, called the book, "direct, heart-rending, and miraculous." Denis Nolan, author of Medjugorje and the Church, says, "Start reading, and you'll find it hard to put down! Teresa Burke, author of Forbidden Grief, says, "I cannot think of another book on Medjugorje so well done!" After each story, Watkins offers a prayerful reflection and thought-provoking questions to enable her readers to delve into deep personal reflection, making Full of Grace an ideal resource for spiritual direction, parish retreats, and faith sharing groups.


Fr. Joe Whalen's favorite Healing Prayer:

LORD, JESUS CHRIST, I AM DEEPLY SORRY FOR MY SINS. HAVE MERCY ON ME. In Your name, JESUS, I ask You for the grace to forgive myself. I ask your forgiveness for hurting others. I ask for the grace to forgive all those who have hurt me in this life, and especially the one person who has hurt me the most.

I renounce forever Satan, ALL the evil spirits and all their works. I give you my entire self Lord JESUS, now and forever, you are my Lord, God, SAVIOR AND REDEEMER. Please heal me, change me, strengthen me in body, mind and spirit for my greater service in Your Kingdom. Allow me to lead other souls to You through my good example. JESUS I trust in you!

Come Lord JESUS, cover me with Your most precious blood, and fill me with Your Holy Spirit, I praise You, I thank You, I glorify Your name, JESUS. I love You JESUS WITH MY WHOLE HEART, SOUL, MIND, BODY AND MY WHOLE BEING. O' Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, with Holy Raphael the Archangel and all the holy Angels and Saints, pray for us! Amen.


The Call to Prayer - Fr. Bob Bedard

Fr. Jake Randall was a servant of God, a servant of the people, a
Fr. John Randall & Fr. Bob Bedard
man of the Church, a leader in the Charismatic Renewal, a champion of the Holy Spirit, an example and inspiration for all.  May God fully welcome him into the Kingdom and may he continue to love and serve God and us from heaven!
The Call to Prayer
by Fr. Bob Bedard, CC
This is an introduction that Fr. Bob gave of Fr. Jake Randall
who recently went to enjoy his eternal reward with the Lord. We
reprint it here in honour of Fr. Jake, a close friend of Fr. Bob and
the Companions of the Cross.

I’ve know Fr. Jake Randall for 25 years or so. When I received,
back in March of 1975, that peculiar grace; that profound and
very powerful grace which we’ve learned to call the Baptism in
the Holy Spirit, my whole life changed. My life was turned upside
down. It was like a revolution in my mind had taken place. All of
my theological underpinnings had to be revised and renewed and
many of them changed. I knew that this was something that not
only I needed, but everybody needed. Certainly, I believed it was
something every priest needed.

I was living with a group of priests at the time, teaching high school.
I tried to explain it to them. But to my surprise and my chagrin,
they didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. They didn’t
seem to understand what I was saying. I was really disconcerted
with the whole matter. Then I received notice of a conference in
Steubenville, Ohio for priests who were involved or mixed up in
what was being called the Charismatic Renewal. I said, “That’s for
me! I’ve got to talk to some
. I’ve got to find some
that will understand what I’m saying.”
So I went. There was a group of four people on the panel who gave
all the talks and did the teachings. Three men were from religious
communities and one was a diocesan priest from Providence, Rhode
Island, Fr. John Randall. They were all excellent, but it was this
Randall fellow that caught my eye; caught my ear. I’m not sure why,
but he seemed to be able to cut to the quick. He seemed to have keen
insights and a practical understanding of the deep mysteries of God,
or at least many of them. He had a way of explaining things. He was
very prayerful, obviously, and I thought, “Wow, wouldn’t it be won-
derful if I could just meet him and talk to him for a few minutes.” I
didn’t get a chance. He was always surrounded by others.

It was the whole thing about prayer that struck me most during
my time at this conference. That was the thing that I sadly lacked
when I received that grace of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And
that was the one thing that I asked for, the gift of prayer. I didn’t
know if there was such a gift, but if there was, I wanted it. So I
asked for it, and I received it.

I began to pray with great eagerness. To do something I hadn’t
been able to do at all, for years. It was very, very striking. I
couldn’t wait to pray. I couldn’t wait. And I was actually praying
20 minutes a day. I felt like a hero. Imagine giving God 20 whole
minutes every single day! I was doing it at night, of course, be-
cause I was a night person. I would sneak it in before the 11:30 pm
Global Sports round-up. And I’d shut off the light at midnight. Get
up at 8:00am and carry on with my day.

So, when I was in Steubenville, one morning I was sitting in the
back row as I always like to do. I was tipping my chair back and
there was a big fellow next to me, by the name of Bob Conlin from
Arizona and Fr. Randall was talking about prayer.
In the middle of his talk, he said, “Of course, for a priest, an hour
a day is the minimum.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I asked Conlin,
“What did he say?”
“An hour a day.”
“An hour a day?”
“An hour a day.”
Whoa! I just about fell off my chair. But before I left Steubenville,
I determined that I would do precisely that. And I knew that in or-
der to do it, I would have to become a morning person. I, the night
person would have to become a morning person. So I did. I would
go to bed at 10:00 pm, and get up at 6:00 am. And I’ve been basi-
cally doing that ever since. And it has been the main strength that
the Lord has used to guide me through. You know how important
it is. We talk about it all the time here. We just beleaguer you with
this notion of personal prayer time every day.

The Lord has been so good to me that I’ve gotten to know Fr. Jake
very, very well. We’ve become close friends, and we’ve visited
back and forth, and we’ve spoken in each others’ places. And he
is just a marvelous guy. He became my idol in the priesthood, and
he still is. He’s a great priest. He’s got profound insights. He’s
very prophetic, and has got a marvellous sense of humour. A little
accent there that you might have a little difficulty getting past,
but he will tell you he’s very happy to be here in ‘Canada’ and
this opportunity to speak to the Companions of the Cross. So it is
with great, great honour and pleasure that I introduce to you
Fr. Jake Randall


Medjugorje: Our Lady's message of September 2, 2018, through Mirjana:


Mirjana Soldo greets Our Lady, September 2, 2018   
(c) Anthony Zubac 2018
September 2, 2018

Dear Family of Mary,
Here is Our Lady's message of September 2, 2018, through Mirjana:

Dear children, my words are simple but are filled with motherly love and care.
My children, all the more the shadows of darkness and deception are being cast over you, and I am calling you to the light and truth-I am calling you to my Son. Only He can transform despair and suffering into peace and clarity; only He can give hope in the deepest pain.
My Son is the life of the world.

The more that you come to know Him-the more that you come close to Him-all the more you will love Him, because my Son is love. Love changes everything; it makes most beautiful also that which, without love, seems insignificant to you.That is why, anew, I am saying to you that you must love a lot if you desire to grow spiritually.

I know, apostles of my love, that it is not always easy, but, my children, also the painful paths are paths which lead to spiritual growth, to faith, and to my Son. My children, pray-think of my Son. In all the moments of the day, raise your soul to Him, and I will gather your prayers as flowers from the most beautiful garden and give them as a gift to my Son.
Be true apostles of my love; spread the love of my Son to everyone. Be gardens of the most beautiful flowers. With your prayers help your shepherds that they may be spiritual fathers filled with love for all people. Thank you.
Video of Mirjana apparition  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWmno6E4EbI

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
Mary TV


Medjugorje: August 25, 2018 Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace

"Dear children! This is a time of grace. Little children, pray more, speak less and permit God to lead you on the way of conversion. I am with you and love you with my motherly love. Thank you for having responded to my call." 


Who is your enemy

Fr. Jozo Zovko: He that can separate you from the alter is your only enemy.

Fr. Jozo Zovko speaks of the Holy Eucharist

Place your life upon this altar. You will witness how a priest will place a drop of water within a chalice full of wine. That drop of water intermingles with the wine and signifies you in the Holy Mass. You can become one, unite with and intermingle with Jesus. That is why the Holy Mass is called Communion ...union with God ...you and your God together ...that is the Holy Eucharist. All of us together and Jesus. That is the church, and that is where the one, holy Catholic apostolic church comes from.
 "He who can separate you from the altar is your only enemy. There is no other" 
Every time we come into the church and celebrate the Holy Mass, that is our embrace, our hanging onto Our Lord and saying, "Lord where would we go, for you are the Word of Life." Where did the martyrs gain so much strength from? In the Church, where did the witnesses gain their strength from? To date, in this year, 23 missionaries have been murdered around the world in four months. That is a lot. How can a man give his life for Jesus simply, with delight? It is the Holy Mass that does this within us, so that for you I'm able to give my very eyes, my arms and my life, my everything as Jesus gave His all; and the same way the Christian must give his all.

 Yes, once again, I must return to the Holy Mass and the Holy Eucharist. Why is it that churches and sects do not tolerate the Mass, do not respect Our Lady? Because they go hand-in-hand. Yes, they go together. Our Lady teaches to come to love Jesus, to fall in love with Him, and that is why she places us before the Holy Eucharist, and pleads with us to pray before this holy, blessed Sacrament, so from Jesus we may learn to become bread for others; so that I not have fear to say, "Take this, all of you, of me, and eat of it."

I know a lot of Anglican and Protestant priests, ministers, that were in Medjugorje.

 I know of a Presbyterian bishop that I have met from Washington. He had sent a multitude of his priests to Medjugorje as well. When I was in Washington a few years ago, I visited him because he visited me and came to Medjugorje.

 He had a problem, a cross, that was inflicted upon him. His son was shot in Vietnam and became paralyzed. When his son returned from the war, he said to his wife, "Let us make a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. I believe Our Lady will hear us." And Our Lady gave a miracle. The son was healed and converted the parents. The bishop desired that all of his priests come to know Our Lady. Eight of those priests to date have become Catholic priests, without any shouts, without publication, without media. Our Lady works in miraculous ways. She was always the sign, the sign of a better world, the sign of peace and unity in the Church, the sign of our salvation. May it also truly be the same in your city or town. Let us commence this Holy Mass by preparing ourselves and involving this great grace.