October 2011
Our Lady’s Intercession Wins an Unwinnable Victory
Marija speaks in Key Biscayne/Miami to 11,000 pilgrims who gathered to be with Our Lady. Marija states: 
“True peace comes only through prayer to God. On the third apparition, June 26, 1981, Our Lady cried. Our Lady said, “Peace, Peace, Peace! Be reconciled! Only Peace. Make your peace with God and among yourselves…” Exactly ten years later a war started in our country. And we’ve seen that in our places where people used to pray. For example, in the archdiocese of Split where the bishop gave his testimony, war did not affect them by violence. The bishop’s testimony was that where people were praying they were not touched by the war. On Medjugorje itself bombs were dropped. Because it was a sign of peace and a sign of hope, these bombs fell on Medjugorje but they didn’t explode. “Specialists” said that the ground was too soft, which is absurd because it’s rocks everywhere!
Unexploded bomb in Medjugorje
Marjia spoke of bombs being dropped on Medjugorje during the Balkan War in the early 1990’s, but not exploding. This is an actual picture of one such bomb. There were many supernatural events that happened to show God’s hand was protecting Medjugorje. One enemy fighter pilot was given orders to bomb Medjugorje. On three separate days, he set out early in the morning with clear skies, but each time he reached the vicinity of Medjugorje a sudden cloud coverage formed over the village making it impossible for him to fulfill his orders as he could not see his target. He finally aborted the plan and defected, coming to the conclusion that in this war they were fighting God. This experience led to his conversion.
"And we said Our Lady protected us with Her veil. But Our Lady wanted to give us these signs to grow in our faith. And we started feeling that God was no longer somewhere up there in the sky but He was among us.
"And today it’s the same thing. We have no more hope. Everything’s falling down (Our Lady said on September 2, 2011: “…Everything around you is passing and everything is falling apart…”). We have no more certainties. Economically, politically, we look around us and see everything is falling down. As it happened many years ago, we’re in the month of October, and you know this is the month of the Rosary.
 Long ago there was a Turkish army who was very strong and conquering many lands. And there was a pope, his name was PiusV. This Turkish army was going to occupy all of Catholic Europe. They were strong, powerful and united. And all the Catholic lands were invited by the pope to join and face this terrible army. There were French people, Austrian-Hungarian, Italian, and they all answered this call to go and free their lands. But they were not organized and therefore not so united. But they had good will. And they went to war. And they fought the war, while the Pope invited the whole Christian community, the whole Christian people to pray, to pray the Rosary. And what happened in the confrontation of overwhelming odds against the Christian army? The Christians won! They were not organized but the Rosary made up for what they lacked, and they won! They called that day of miraculous victory, the day of the defeat of the Turkish army, the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. This unwinnable victory is why we celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary every 7th of October. Because of this, Our Lady is proclaimed, “Our Lady of all Victories.” In that moment they had no hope, the army was destined for defeat. Yet they fought because their hope was prayer, their hope was Our Lady. Today it is the same. We are ashamed of God. We don’t pray anymore. But Our Lady says put God in the first place in your lives. She wants to be our hope. Today She’s calling us saying that we are important for Her. And She calls us dear children. She invites us to pray, fast, confess, and make peace with God. She calls us to hope."
Source  http://www.medjugorje.com/

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