"Let Me alone, then, that My wrath may blaze up against them to consume them." -Exodus 32:10

The Lord was about to end His relationship with His chosen people, but He forgave them instead. Jeremiah wanted to quit his prophetic ministry (Jer 20:9) after he did not forgive the Israelites (see Jer 18:23). If Jesus hadn't prayed on Calvary for His Father to forgive us (see Lk 23:34), He may have been severely tempted to come down from the cross and quit the plan of salvation (see Mt 27:42).

Unforgiveness usually results in our quitting something the Lord wants us to continue, while forgiveness keeps it going on. If a wife refuses to forgive her husband, she may quit her marriage or at least quit trying in her marriage. If parents quit forgiving their children, they might easily quit parenting them. At best, they will just go through the motions.

Unforgiveness is the main cause of divorce, abuse, dysfunction, and neglect. When we quit forgiving seventy times seven (see Mt 18:22), we quit giving, loving, and trying. Eventually, we quit life and eternal life. If we quit forgiving one person, we quit our relationship with the Lord, for we pray that He forgive us as we forgive others (Mt 6:12). We must forgive as the father of the prodigal son did, or we will be like his older unforgiving son (see Lk 15:20, 28). Forgive - or risk quitting life, love, and God.

 Father, I decide now to accept Your grace to forgive all those who have ever hurt me in any way.

  "You can depend on this as worthy of full acceptance: that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners." -1 Tm 1:15

 Praise Jesus, Whose Spirit empowers us to forgive! Thank You, Jesus, for forgiving my sins.

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Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Dear children! Today I call you to love and mercy. Give love to each other as your Father gives it to you. Be merciful – with the heart. Do good works, not permitting them to wait for you too long. Every mercy that comes from the heart brings you closer to my Son. Medjugorje message, March 18, 2001