Holy Spirit May Our Hearts Be Open

Lets ask ourselves,

are we open to the Holy Spirit,
do we pray to the Holy Spirit
 to enlighten us,
 to make us more sensitive
 to the things of God.
There is a prayer we need to pray every day 

Holy Spirit,
 may are hearts be open
 to the Word of God,
 may my heart be open to good,
 may my heart be open to the beauty of God, every day.
~Pope Francis~

At the Blue Cross in Medjugorje, Our Lady's message to Ivan on May 20, 2013

'Dear children, also today, in a special way, I invite you in this time of grace to open your souls to the Holy Spirit. Dear children, do not permit the world to lead you. Therefore, may the Holy Spirit lead you. Pray, persevere in prayer, that the Holy Spirit may descend upon your families who are in darkness. The mother prays together with you, intercedes before her son for you. Thank you, dear children, for responding to my call today.' 

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