Joanna Fish, Catholic singer/songwriter/guitarist

Genre Catholic singer/songwriter/guitarist…story teller – folk/country contemporary
Record Label Mystical Rose Records
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After a life changing trip to Medjugorje in Bosnia Herzegovina in 1991, Joanna was inspired to write songs about the mysteries of the rosary in the hopes that each song would tell a story…a story that would lead people into a deeper meditation when they prayed the rosary. She has also written songs about life, love and the spiritual journey.
Her first compilation was recorded in St. Matthews Church in Cranston, RI under the direction of producer, Mark Gabriel Girardin. This was a collection of songs reflecting the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary; it was titled: “Mystical Roses”. Joanna came up with title after reading the book, “The Power of the Rosary” by St. Louis de Montefort. In his book, the saint said that every time we pray a “Hail Mary”, we are sending a mystical rose to heaven. Joanna stated at the time, “my favorite flower has always been the rose, and to be able to give a rose to the Mother of God seemed like one of the most wonderful things I could do”.
After a 2nd visit to Medjugorje, this time during the Bosnian War, Joanna was inspired to write and record her second compilation of songs, titled, “The Sorrowful Mysteries”. When reflecting on those songs, Joanna had said, “At the foot of the cross is where we meet Love…an authentic, profound love pouring out to us from the pierced heart of God himself…this is the deepest mystery of our faith, and surely it is worth meditating on often”.

By this time, Joanna was being asked to sing and share her story at conferences and musical venues across the country. She has performed on EWTN as a guest of Dana on “Dana and Friends”, she was one of the featured stories in Medjugorje Magazine, and her music is now played on many Catholic radio stations.
Joanna’s 3rd CD was recorded in Nashville, TN with a variety of professional country musicians adding their talents to her recording, titled “The Glorious Mysteries”. Commenting on this experience, Joanna was exuberant, “it was an amazing experience for me to see how God provided such talented and kind people to participate in these songs…I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome!”
Just when it seemed like Joanna’s music career was going to expand even further, she suffered a mysterious accident which left her hearing impaired and her ability to sing in question. For the past 4 years she has suffered constantly with intense pressure in her ears, especially when she tried to sing, as well as continuous tinnitus. After many visits to doctors who could not do anything to alleviate the problem, Joanna had to stop singing and performing. She couldn’t even listen to music! However, after years of struggle and prayers, the pressure in her ears has finally subsided and Joanna believes its time to test the waters and try singing again. Please keep her in your prayers for continued healing and for God’s plan to unfold. “Even if I’m never able to sing again, I’m so grateful to God for all that He has done for me, given to me and blessed me with!
  These songs are like roses to me, and I’m so happy to give them to others…I hope this music comforts, strengthens and heals those who suffer. I hope it brings joy to the lonely, peace to the restless, mercy and hope to the despondent and love to the ones who don’t feel loved. May the Queen of Peace, the Mother of God and our Mother, lead us all to the Heart of her Son, who is Love and Mercy.”
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