Dear Family of Mary

Ivan sees Our Lady on Jan 31, 2012
Ivan during a previous appariton in Kalamazoo, 1/31/12
(c)Mary TV 2012

Dear Family of Mary!

The Evening of Prayer at St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, was successfully streamed to the world yesterday (September 25) by Mary TV . It was a miracle and blessing from God. Our team did a fantastic job, and everyone was able to take part! We are so grateful to everyone who worked so hard to provide the live stream!!

Ivan shared about his encounter with Our Lady before Adoration last evening. I have transcribed his remarks including the message Our Lady gave to us during the event according to the translator for Mary TV's English translation:

Ivan's words in Vienna on September 25, 2012 about his encounter with Our Lady:
After the encounter I want to explain something to you. I want to explain what was most important in the encounter with Our Lady. It is difficult in this world today to find the right words, because it is difficult to describe the encounter with Our Mother. In this world today where we do not have words to express what she is like and what she says, every word is poor. As I said shortly before in my testimony the encounter with the Gospa is in reality an encounter with paradise. When she comes she brings us paradise. It is difficult to put the beauty and emotion of Our Lady into words. This is why I am going to try to talk with the words I have. I will try to describe what I have seen today.
Gospa came today very happy and full of joy. She has greeted us with her motherly greeting, "My dear children, be blessed with the greetings of Christ." Afterwards she prayed over you priests present for a long time. In a special way I recommended you, you priests present now, to Our Lady. Also in a special way, I presented Your Eminence, and the diocese we are in. Afterwards the Gospa prayed in a special way for this diocese and for the needs of this diocese. After that she gave this message:
"Dear children, I call you also today, that you pray with your full heart and that you love each other. If there is not peace, pray and you will receive peace. You will receive it. Through you and your prayer peace will flow into the world. This is why, my little children, pray, pray, pray, because prayer can do miracles in mankind and in the world. I give thanks for everyone who lives prayer and accepts it. Thank you for responding to my call."
After that she blessed us with her motherly blessing and she blessed all the articles you brought. I entrusted all of you, your families and needs. Especially you sick, I have entrusted. After that she prayed over us here, especially the sick. After that she left in prayer and in the sign of the cross and the light and she said "Go in peace, my dear children." These are the most important things I have taken from the encounter with the Gospa.
I want to say again, in truth, I want to tell you, it is very, very difficult to express in words what I have received. You see I am standing here in front of you, and it is difficult for me to come back. I am still in her presence. Every day when I see her, her beauty, her love, I am completely taken by it. Once we asked her, "Mother, why are you so beautiful? And she said, "Dear children, I am beautiful because I love. You also should love and you would become beautiful." Dear friends, our mother loves us. This is why we accept the messages, out of love. Let us start to pray in our families. Let us be the sower who sows the new seeds in our families. Let us decide for holiness within the family. Our Mother will help us on this way. Your eminence, Your Excellency, dear priests, I want to thank you in truth for this beautiful day of prayer together. And I hope that we will all become carriers of peace in this world today. In the peace of Christ, may it be that way. Thank you....
Imagine seeing paradise!! Imagine being so drawn to Our Lady that it takes hours to refocus! Our Lady's coming is such a miracle of love!! Thanks again, to Ivan for witnessing so well for Our Lady, and to all those involved in putting on the beautiful evening of prayer!! It was a beautiful encounter with heaven!
God bless you all,
Cathy Nolan
(c)Mary TV 2012

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