My eyes completely opened to God


As the 31st Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions is getting closer, we meet pilgrims from all over the world in Medjugorje. We had chance to talk to 20 –years-old girl Meabh Carlin from Ireland who is in wheelchair. “I would like to thank for the opportunity to be in Medjugorje. My group leader told me that she had a cancellation last week and she invited me to come instead of that person. It is my blessing to be here, one really feels joy here. I hope to bring peace and hope from this place to my home, to those that I know”, said Maebh who shared her story with us, story full of crosses and lots of suffering, but on the other hand, story full of peace and joy. Last year she decided to go with a group of her friends to help poor and elderly people in Lisbon. It was to be their pilgrimage. During their pilgrimage, World Youth Day in Madrid was held and they decided to go to Madrid to be there with Holy Father. On the third day of their visit to Madrid, as they were crossing the road, Maebh was at the front and she was hit by a car. “They were all helping me; I felt God’s presence through all those people. I spent two months in bed and I was not able to move at all. My eyes were completely opened to God.

 In the beginning I was strong, because I thought about the time when I would be able to dance again, to get back to ballet, things that I did before. Then, doctors told me that I would never dance again. I broke after that news and I did not speak for 4 days. I started writing and I felt Holy Spirit’s presence within me. I wrote more than 200 pages of mediations and blessings that I received through my condition. I realised that crosses that we received give us strength to do even those hardest things. I started to receive strength from prayer. Even though they told me that I would never walk again, I believed that I would be able to dance, of course, if that is God’s will. It has been nine months since the accident took place and I am starting to learn how to walk again. I feel that every step I make is a step closer to God. I know that this is not the accidence but God’s plan”, said Maebh, who with her sister started a prayer group that now has more than 80 members as well as music ministry that involves more than 30 members.
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Truth in Light said...

I write in the spirit of God. The spirit of God is with you; the spirit of God has been poured out upon all flesh that the truth is know within us. Know this: Things happen to the Children of God for the sake of others; rest, take comfort, in the Lord. We hear the voice of the spirit within us; and in those around us. It is that voice that says, fix the wrinkle in the rug so others won't trip; or help hold the door for those who need it. Give to those who ask as the spirit tells you; let not the carnal mind talk you out of it. There are signs all around us; see them; sometimes the words we use to fix things are that which is breaking it, so humble your self in silence before them who are angry; they shall confess by the spirit and ask for forgiveness, even your children; forgive them all, but give Glory to God. God is with us, all. seektruthinlight