Ivan, No Hope Without God

Ivan in live streaming-No hope without God
by Jakob Marschner

All continents were represented via online live stream when the Cathedral in Vienna was turned into a little Medjugorje for a day. Before his 8 minutes long apparition, visionary Ivan Dragicevic said that the Virgin Mary has come to bring hope to a world without hope because God has been abandoned.

Ivan in the Cathedral in Vienna in September 2010. We are awaiting photos as well as video from Ivan's apparition on Thursday

The Virgin Mary has come as a teacher and there are no weekends in her school of conversion, Medjugorje visionary Ivan Dragicevic reiterated before his live streamed apparition of the Virgin Mary in the Cathedral of Vienna, Austria, on November 17.

During his eight minutes long apparition Ivan indeed resembled the pupil in love with his teacher – with frequent gazes of delight on top of a thoroughly polite demeanor with much smiling and nodding, obviosuly engaged in a familiar and friendly conversation. Before that he had told the packed Cathedral and all the viewers worldwide present via MaryTV’s live stream why the Virgin Mary is appearing at this time:

“Our Lady wants to take the tears from our faces. She wants to bring us hope because the world is without hope because we have abandoned God. Therefore our Mother comes to bring us the divine medicine. She wants to heal us from our illnesses with her motherly love and warmth. She is coming to us. She wants to lead us to her Son. Only in her Son is peace” Ivan said.

“There is so much talk about economic recession but obviously it is not just an economic recession but also a spiritual recession. Our Lady comes to us to show us a new way. She wants to get sinful people out of this recession. She is our Mother and she is so concerned of our salvation”.

Emphasizing the Rosary, Ivan described prayer as the cure to the many illnesses faced by individuals, families and whole societies:

“She wants to lead us out of darkness into light, into hope. She says society is sick in a spiritual sense. Families and societies are sick. But with the return of prayer in families, spiritual healing can take place. Our Lady says we need healing in societies and families and then there will be so much more love” Ivan said.

“Prayer is needed to know God. Prayer must become a friendship with Jesus – that we may be full of joy and peace for every word we pray”.

Ivan also reitereated the Virgin Mary’s calls to fasting and reading the Bible:

“Put the Bible in a visible place in your homes. Read the Bible. Through reading the Bible, Jesus will be born in your hearts and in your families” the visionary said.

After the evening’s Mass presided over by Cardinal Christoph Sch├Ânborn, Ivan said that the Virgin Mary had been “very happy and joyful”. Ivan also told that, in a special way, he had entrusted the diocese of Vienna to the Virgin Mary who had then “prayed in a very special way for this diocese and for the needs of this diocese”. Ivan then passed on this message from the Virgin Mary:

“Dear children, today I call you to prayer. In a special way because Satan wants war, I call you again, my little children, pray, pray that God will give you peace. Be witnesses to everyone in this world, and be carriers of God’s peace. I am with you and I pray in front of God for each person who is here. And you, do not be afraid because the one who prays is not afraid of evil and has no hatred in the heart. Thank you, dear children, for coming back and having followed my call.”"In truth this evening when we have been together in prayer has been full of the Holy Spirit. May we continue in our families what we have started tonight. I hope the seed we have sown will bear good fruit. Thank you!” Ivan ended his description.

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