Rest in Peace~ Father John Randall

Father John Randall Born 1929~ Received into Heaven June 15th 2011
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Hi Everyone~
I prayed about making this video and as Father Randall would say “I got a YES word” I miss him so much already!!!!!! I wanted to share. In this video his words at about 5 minutes 13 seconds made me feel better. I hope It will help you also. He was the BEST PRIEST and Person I have ever met!!
He sings with the Angels in heaven now!!!!!
Love Maria

Father Randall was more than a priest in my book..... He was my friend...... He gave his all for the flock of the church. He was somebody i will always look up to and forever be thankful to. He has taught me so much. He lit the fire for the holy spirit and the holy mass in myself and my family I will never forget the good council you gave me Father Randall you saved me in more ways than you will ever know.. I will miss you immensely!!! my heart sobs today. It rejoices 2, U R in the glory now!
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