A Reflection of Our Lady's message of March 25, 2010 by Sr. Isabel

A Little Reflection (by Sr. Isabel)

The secret to living our Christian vocation in joy and humility can be found in our relationship with Jesus Christ. “Be strong in prayer” that’s the secret. So many times we run to Jesus or Mary when the going gets tough or there is sickness or some other kind of trial. Sporadic prayer doesn’t do much to strengthen our relationship with Jesus. He waits for us each day to come to Him, to praise Him, to honor Him and to ask for our needs. When our relationship is strong and growing deeper, we will be able to witness by the very lives we lead. Our Mother accompanies us as we draw closer to her Son, Jesus. We need her to show us the way. When we turn to her for help and honor her, we are honoring Jesus.

On this day when we celebrate the great feast of the Annunciation, we can rejoice because of Mary’s “Yes” and because of her great example of obedience to the Father’s will. She was a woman of prayer and thus was able to trust in the Father’s plan even though she didn’t understand it. May we also trust the Father’s plan for our lives, and rely upon Mary to be with us along the way. Then we will experience the strength and support of her Son, Jesus.

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