Father Stefan Starzynski, the Healing Priest.

Fr Stefan Starzynski: the healing priest
September 7, 9:18 PM Roman Catholic Examiner Pamela Luther

When we think of healing, we often think of physical and emotional healing sometimes through the hands of medical care and sometimes through prayer to Our Lord.
Fr. Stefan Starzynski of Fairfax, VA is a priest at St. Mary of Sorrows Parish. He uses his time to conduct the normal business and demands of most priests.
But Fr. Stefan does even more. He has been an instrument that God has used to heal people, both physically and emotionally. God has also used Fr. Stefan to minister to the needs of expectant mothers by providing housing and hope for them.
Every Wednesday evening, Fr. Stefan leads a charismatic prayer group every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. On the second Saturday of each month, he also has a healing mass at 7 p.m. Both the mass and the prayer group are held at St. Mary of Sorrows Parish, 5222 Sideburn Road, Fairfax, VA, 22032.
Many people have been blessed by Our Lord’s touch at both the prayer group and at the healing mass.Having been a priest for 13 years, he has youth, energy and joy. Compound that with being filled with the Holy Spirit, you find quite a vibrant force of Our Lord moving at these prayer groups and meetings.Fr. Stefan writes that when he was ordained, lying prostrate before the Lord, he asked that he not only be ordained as a priest in the sacramental sense but also baptized by the Holy Spirit in the Pentecostal sense. A few short days later, his prayer was answered and God started to use him to perform miracles.
Because of the Catholic Church’s pro-life stance and his own personal convictions, Fr. Stefan later heard the call to build a home for expectant mothers who need shelter during their pregnancies and afterwards. It is his belief that Roe v. Wade will be overturned, and there will be more of a need to help pregnant women who must have shelter. The Paul Stefan Home for Expectant Mothers has proved to be a blessing to many women who would have had no place to go had this home not been there to welcome them.
In communicating with Fr. Stefan, he told me that his first book Miracles and Margaritas will be released Spring 2010. This book will detail Fr. Stefan’s true stories of divine healings and other miracles.
In the year of the priest, let us pray that all our priests listen to the call of the Lord to minister in any way He calls them to do. We are called to pray for our priests ; pray for Fr. Stefan. Amen.
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