When Heaven Calls--Assignment from Our Lady

My Assignment from Our Lady
By Theresa G.

I went to Medjugorje at the end of May and while I was praying on the top of the Apparition Hill, I felt that Our Lady was calling the priest of my parish to go there so that She could renew his priesthood mission. I felt really awkward about that, I generally do not feel things about other people. I did not know if it was my imagination or it was a real message for him. I also knew that he did not believe in Medjugorje, and that he had no desire to go there. I pondered in my heart what to do. I prayed. I thought it could be my imagination, but also that if this were a real message for him, I had no choice but to tell him. The fact that he didn't believe in Medjugorje really put me off. Eventually I decided to tell him, but with great humility and love (explaining that it might have been my imagination). It took me almost 2 months, but I finally went to see him, gave him a blessed rosary from Medjugorje as a present and told him what had happened to me.

I could not believe my ears when he told me that he's been questioning his vocation since last year and he has thought of giving it up completely (you would never tell this - everybody in the parish loves his enthusiasm and love for God!) and recently he has asked God and Our Lady to tell someone what he should do and if he was meant to go to Medjugorje...That person was yours truly. Father kissed the rosary from Medjugorje that I gave him, thanked me a lot for being open to Our Lady's voice and for the courage of delivering Her message. He said that he felt already renewed in his priesthood mission and that he will soon go to Medjugorje.

 I'm so amazed, Our Lady has used someone like me (I'm so unworthy!) to deliver Her message in such a powerful way! This has been a huge grace both for me and for the priest of my parish. I've experienced the real presence of Our Lady with Her maternal love for Her priests! I felt the love of Our Lady for the priests...what a grace! I've also learned that we have to pray for our priests, because even when we think that everything is fine with them, the enemy does not leave them alone, and they might be struggling even if we do not see anything. We really need to pray for our priests every single day, they are so much in need of our prayer and fasting!
  Editor’s note: Because of the personal information about the priest, the author has used a pen name. www.spiritofmedjugorje.org


Elyse said...

How beautiful. It really helps me to appreciate the struggles that priests have. I will continue to pray for them each day. Our Lady is awesome!!

Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

I agree with you Elyse, Our Lady is awesome.

happyconvert said...

I am a Medjugorje convert from Protestant/Agnostic background to full catholic after a visit to this Holy place in 2001. There are many Fruits from this Holy site.