Graces come in all shapes and sizes.

Graces come in all shapes and sizes to everyone! Here in Medjugorje, for example, there is not one month that goes by without an experience of Divine Providence, either with the multiplication of food or some other little need Providence deigns to fill. Why then this help from Heaven that is so perceptible?
Jesus is preparing us. He is teaching us to rely solely on Him and His promises.
If one day we are left with no food, no heating, or no medical coverage, we will not be at a loss! Jesus will again make unexpected miracles in our lives. Be not mistaken, Jesus has not weakened in 2000 years, He remains the same!
When our “securities” fail us, we will not despair, but at last live as the apostles in The Acts of the Apostles because the Father loves us and He knows what we need. So why not train ourselves now by “seeking first the Kingdom of God and Its righteousness? Thus, all these things shall be ours as well,” (Mat 6:33); and we will not be left wanting like the “foolish virgins” (Mat 25:1-13).
After all, Jesus told St Catherine of Siena: “Take care of Me, and I will take care of you!”
Sister Emmanuel - Medjugorje

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