Beyond Doubt


Mary Magdalene went to the disciples. 'I have seen the Lord!' she announced." —John 20:18

Jesus delivered Mary Magdalene from several demons, and from that time on she remained faithful to Jesus and faith-filled. We have no indication in the Gospels that she ever wavered in faith. Unlike the apostles, Mary Magdalene was always there for Jesus. She walked with Him throughout His ministry. She stood fast even at the foot of the cross, and she was the first person to see the risen Christ. Mary was firm, con-firmed in her faith.

This is God's will for all of us. The Father and Son have sent the HOLY SPIRIT to confirm us in our faith (see 2 Cor 1:21-22), including our faith in Jesus' resurrection. Many Christians, however, seem to give only an intellectual assent to the resurrection. They don't believe in the risen Lord to the extent that they radically transform their lives. Doubt can have more influence on their lives and ours than does faith. We must let the Spirit confirm us in our faith in Jesus' resurrection.

Then we'll live accordingly. We will be a sign of contradiction to the world. We will be like Mary Magdalene. We must come out from our tomb of doubt to recognize that Jesus has come out from the tomb of death, and that "beyond any doubt" Jesus is risen Lord, Messiah, and God... Praise to the risen Jesus, Who calls us each by name! (see Jn 20:16)

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