Three Days in Purgatory.

----- Three Days in Purgatory---- There was a good man who was very sick. Because he was in pain all the time, he was begging God to release him and to heal him from all his sufferings. One day, he had a dream: an angel appeared, and told him: “You are not going to live very long. Make your choice: either three years of suffering here on the earth, or three days of suffering in Purgatory.” The sick man chose the three days in Purgatory. After his death, the angel appeared again to comfort him. The Poor Soul told him: “What! You promised me that I would suffer in Purgatory for only three days, but I have been here for at least three years!” The angel answered back: “What are you talking about: you have been there for only a few moments. Look: your body on the earth is still warm!” This story tells you how serious are the sufferings of the Poor Souls in Purgatory. It is true; indeed, in no way we can compare the sufferings in Purgatory with the sufferings of the earth. That is why, it is much better to try our best to offer our sufferings as Purgatory on earth. St. Augustine was right when he said: “Lord, chop me, burn me, and let me suffer all kind of things on the earth, but spare me for eternity.”We should do all our best to help the Souls in Purgatory: offer your Mass, Communions, Sacrifices and Rosaries for them. You can be certain that they will remember everything that you did for them. In particular, remember that during the 1st week of November, you can gain plenary indulgences for the Poor Souls: you just have to visit a cemetery and offer your prayer for the intentions of our Holy Father the Pope.

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Micki said...

Thank you Ed for passing this along. I must go visit Esther. I love the quote by St. Augustine, never heard that one before...might have to stick it with a holy card post. Good to see the mention about the first week of October.